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          Fujian Jianshi Electric Power Line Materials Co., Ltd.

          • Wireless Antenna Tower
          Wireless Antenna Tower

          a)      Since 1998

          b)      Location: seaside city Quanzhou in south-east China, 1.5 hours drive from Xiamen  International Airport or 1 hour drive from Quanzhou Domestic Airport

          c)      Total Staff: 736 people

          d)      Certificate: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSMS idt OHSAS 18001 and 500KV power transmission line tower production license

          e)      Equipment:  ranging from angle bar fabrication, plate fabrication, drilling hole, bending, gas/plasma cutting to welding. Besides, we can galvanize by ourselves with 2 Zinc Baths. Our annual maximum capacity amounts to 100,000 tons.

          f)       Anti-Corrosion: Hot-dip galvanization as per ISO 1461 or ASTM A123.

          g)      Welding: CO 2 welding or Submerged arc auto methods.

          h)      Products: power transmission steel tower, telecom steel tower, antenna tower, Microwave  antenna tower ,TV/radiobroadcasting steel tower,  and similar steel structures for substation and plant workshop etc.

          i)       Experiences: Bangladesh(Desco), Sudan, the Philippines(Transco), India(Reliance), SriLanka(Lanka Bell), Indonesia(PLN),Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Ethiopia.


          Our motto is: Quality is the life blood of the company, therefore, We have been making every effort to provide high quality Wireless Antenna Tower.


          On one hand, AutoCAD and prototype software are applied in prototype to ensure the precision of workshop drawings. A sample tower (pole) will be made for inspection before mass production. In mass production, we adopt advanced ERP management software to monitor the precise manufacturing progress of towers, to ensure each piece qualified. On the other hand, we equip our mechanical and chemical Labs with modern facilities, so that many routine experiments, such as tensile test, Sharpy test, Cold Bending and five elements analysis, Preece test, stripping test etc , can be carried out smoothly, so as to ensure that our finish products meet with the ASTM or ISO standards.  


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